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Feighner Criteria for Psychiatric Diagnosis

The Feighner Criteria is the informal name given to influential psychiatric diagnostic criteria developed at Washington University from the late 1950s to the early 1970s.

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Health and Behavior Center

A multi-disciplinary team of clinician-scientists conducting research that addresses key public health priorities such as genomics research and substance use epidemiology and policy.

Led by Laura Bierut, MD and colleagues

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Impact of Childhood & Adolescent Obesity

Early intervention s key in stemming the obesity epidemic.

One of the overarching research objectives was to understand the role of familial and social factors in the prevention and treatment of weight and eating disorders.

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Missouri Twin Registry

Resource for genetic epidemiological and other clinical research

The Missouri twin registry was organized as a research resource in the early 1990s by Dr. Andrew Heath. This was accomplished as part of a center grant dealing with epidemiological genetics. This registry has proven to be an extraordinary resource for genetic epidemiological and other clinical research.

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Neuroimaging laboratories

The NIL is an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary group dedicated to ground-breaking work in animal models and human cognitive and clinical neuroscience using neuroimaging techniques across the lifespan. 

Led by: Tamara Hershey, PhD