I am honored to serve as the Head of the Psychiatry Department, which was founded in 1938.  With a strong research mission, we are world-leaders in a number of areas and are consistently ranked high in terms of NIH-funding.  The department also strongly values our missions of education and clinical care, and we continue to grow and evolve across this tripartite mission.

As a leader, I value excellence and making a positive impact. Thanks to our committed faculty, staff, and trainees, we do this every day in the Psychiatry Department.  Our people are central to the Department’s success. 

The Department consists of an extraordinarily talented team including:

  • an Executive Council composed of 5 Vice Chairs (VC for Translational Research, VC for Basic Research, VC for Clinical Affairs, VC for Education, and VC for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), the Adolescent and Child Psychiatry Division Director, and the Executive Director
  • Highly regarded researchers that conduct groundbreaking mental health research across the Department’s diverse portfolio in areas such as neurosteroids, human neuroimaging, developmental mental health, basic/genetic research in Alzheimer’s Disease, geriatrics, rapid antidepressants, behavioral medicine, addictions, early psychosis, and obesity
  • Faculty committed to ensuring excellence in clinical training and research education by developing our trainees into leaders who are at the vanguard of the field
  • Trainees who strive to excel and are dedicated to practicing state-of-the art psychiatry throughout their careers as clinicians, researchers, and educators
  • Compassionate clinicians devoted to providing evidence-based mental health care to our community
  • Highly-skilled, dynamic staff who ensure success in each aspect of the Department

We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  DEI is integrated into all aspects of the tripartite mission. We strive to advance the understanding and treatment of psychiatric disorders for all by addressing disparities in access to mental health services, through research, education, and clinical care and ensuring an inclusive, diverse workforce across all levels of faculty, trainees, and staff.  

It is important for patients, families, and caregivers, to know there is HOPE for treating and preventing mental illness.  Cutting-edge research and high-quality education can transform clinical care, improving outcomes for those impacted by mental illness.   We are working towards a future where mental health care is both easily accessible and personalized to the patient’s unique, dynamic needs.  By working together, the department will continue to achieve exceptional outcomes and make a difference in the lives of individuals impacted by mental illness. 

I invite you to explore our website and learn more about our department—its people, our research, clinical/patient care, education and training programs, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Each day, I am inspired by the work led by our people and the future direction of psychiatry–I hope you will be too!

Eric Lenze

Eric Lenze, MD

Wallace and Lucille Renard Professor

Head of Department of Psychiatry