Current Activities/Resources

DEI Listening Sessions

We regularly hold Department of Psychiatry listening sessions to answer questions and address any and all concerns related to DEI. We also use these listening sessions to get fresh perspectives on ways to further elevate DEI and especially to improve the culture and climate within our psychiatry department. If you would like to schedule a listening session, please contact us here.

DEI Newsletter

We disseminate a monthly newsletter that relays information about various DEI topics and activities that are occurring across our department, campus and beyond. We also highlight DEI success stories, including accomplishments from our residents and fellows as well as groundbreaking DEI research studies and clinical case studies that have relevance for our department.  

DEI Climate Survey

We conducted a DEI focused department wide survey to better understand the climate in our department and to give everyone in psychiatry an opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions about DEI.

The survey prompted us to start our DEI Listening Sessions start funding opportunities to elevate DEI research initiatives in the department.

Wellness Survey

We are currently taking a deep dive to evaluate the wellbeing of our department by launching a Climate and Culture survey. We are hoping that the input will help us to create a more positive and supportive workplace environment for our community.

Diversity Advisors

We have convened a cohort of Diversity Advisors who have received training by the WUSM Office of DEI on effective strategies for identifying diverse candidates and addressing bias in the screening and selection processes. The Diversity Advisor are member of the faculty or staff. Specific responsibilities of the Diversity Advisor are: 

  • Monitor the procedures and outreach efforts of the committee
  • Review the diversity of the applicant pool and group interviewed
  • Compile and report relevant data to the committee and hiring authority utilizing the Diversity Advisor Checklist and Diversity Advisor Toolkit
  • Assist the Hiring Authority in posting the search description in the Hiring Summary Form

For more information on the Washington University School of Medicine program, visit our WUSM Diversity Advisor Program. More information about our Department specific Diversity Advisor Program can be found on our new website. If this is of interest to you or if you have any questions, please contact Kavya Singh, Project/Program Coordinator – DEI,

Our department has zero tolerance for all types of harassment and discrimination.

We want everyone in our department to feel safe, supported, and welcome. Washington University has dedicated resources in place for our community members.

1. SAFE  (preferred mechanism for initial reporting on the School of Medicine’s campus)
2. Medical Student Ombudsperson, Dr. Karen O’Malley (a confidential, neutral, informal, independent resource),
3. Peer Advocate Program 
4. Student Health Services 
5. RSVP Center
6. Title IX Coordinator

In addition, Drs. Cavazos and Navsaria and Kavya Singh are Equity Champions for our department. They are also available to you if you ever need help to speak up and/or take action when you become aware of inappropriate behavior directed toward yourself or others. You are encouraged to reach out to us at or 314-362-2152.

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