1955-1971Dr. George Winokur
1971-1974Dr. Richard Hudgens
1974-1976Dr. Robert Woodruff
1976-1979Dr. Amos Welner
1979-1985Dr. John Helzer; Dr. John Knesevich was the assistant residency director from 1981-1985.
1985-1987Dr. John Knesevich
1987-2007Dr. Eugene Rubin; over these twenty years, Drs. Stephen Dinwiddie, Wilson Compton and Nuri Farber were assistant residency directors.
2007- currentDr. Nuri Farber; Dr. Melissa Harbit is the assistant residency director. In 2022, Dr. Harbit became associate residency director, and Dr. Matthew Chapman became assistant residency director. In 2023, three additional assistant residency directors were appointed: Drs. Angela Lin, Akinkunle Owoso, and Brendan O’Connor.