The first endowed professorship in the Department was the Wallace and Lucille K. Renard Professorship in Psychiatry, which was established in 1941. Professors honored with this professorship include Drs. Edwin Gildea, Eli Robins, C. Robert Cloninger, and Eric Lenze.

The Blanche F. Ittleson Professorship in Child Psychiatry was established in 1956. Drs. E. James Anthony, Felton Earls, Richard Mattison, Richard Todd, John Constantino, and Cynthia Rogers have been honored with this professorship.

The Spencer T. Olin Professorship in Psychiatry was established in 1974. Drs. Samuel Guze and Andrew Heath have been installed as Olin Professors.

The Gregory B. Couch Professorship in Psychiatry was established in 1986. Drs. John Csernansky, John Newcomer, and Deanna Barch have been installed as Couch Professors.

The Samuel and Mae S. Ludwig Chair in Psychiatry was established in 1989. Drs. Theodore Reich, Alison Goate, and Joan Luby have been honored with this professorship.

John P. Feighner made the commitment to establish the John P. Feighner Professorship in Neuropsychopharmacology in 1997. Drs. John Olney, Theodore Cicero, and Steven Mennerick have been honored with this professorship.

Samuel B. Guze and his wife, Joy, established the Samuel B.Guze Professorship in Psychiatry in 1998. Dr. Charles Zorumski was named the first Samuel B. Guze Professor.

The Alumni Endowed Professorship in Psychiatry was established in 2014. Dr. Laura Bierut was installed as the first recipient of this professorship.

The Andrew C. and Barbara B. Taylor Distinguished Professorship of Psychiatry was established in 2019 through a gift by the Taylors and the Crawford Taylor Foundation to support the Taylor Family Institute for Innovative Psychiatric Research. Dr. Douglas Covey was installed as the inaugural recipient of this professorship.