Being a leader in psychiatric research, education, and clinical care, our department has a number of research centers and programs that address a full range of brain diseases and psychiatric disorders as well as a variety of clinical specialties.  Our department is divided into 7 divisions – 3 research, 3 clinical, and 1 educational.  While the majority of our faculty are involved in carrying out the mission of more than one of our divisions, each faculty is a member of a specific division.

Division of Addiction Science, Prevention, and Treatment Research

This division focuses its efforts on preventing and treating psychiatric illnesses, including substance use disorders, to address a broad spectrum of mental health concerns.

Division of Basic Science Research

This division focuses on understanding mechanisms of brain function and behavior in the context of psychiatric disease.

Division of Clinical Neuroscience and Behavioral Health Research

Faculty in this division study the human brain and behavior in healthy and disease states.

Division of Adult Acute Clinical

Faculty in this division care for patients in the hospital, including inpatient, consultation, emergency, and interventional services.

Division of Adult Outpatient Clinical

This division deals with creating access for adults who live in the community. It provides psychiatric care with focus on Diagnosis and Treatment when hospitalization is not needed.

Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The shared purpose of this division is to bring new innovations to the prevention of psychiatric conditions of childhood and to deliver clinical psychiatric care and treatment to parents-to-be, families, children and adolescents.

Division of Education

This division focuses on training the next generation of psychiatric practitioners to provide exquisite clinical care.