Vivia McCutcheon

Vivia McCutcheon

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Additional Titles & Roles

  • Faculty Scholar, Washington University Institute for Public Health
  • Faculty member, TranSTAR (Transdisciplinary Training in Addictions Research)

Education & Training

  • MSW, PhD: Social Work: Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 2005

Research Interests

1) extra-treatment factors that influence recovery from alcohol use disorders in adults, with a particular interest in social/environmental factors, 2) improving understanding of and treatment for women with alcohol use disorders to reduce alcohol-related harms to them and their children, 3) the development of substance and behavior problems in children from high-risk families, including examination of gene-environment interplay

Key Publications

  • Funded Research Projects

    NIAAA: Outcomes of Recurrent DUI Moms and their Children (Co-PI with Kathleen Bucholz); NIAAA (SUNY) (Key Personnel): Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism