Tahir Rahman

Tahir Rahman

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Additional Titles & Roles

  • Consultation Psychiatry
  • Psychiatry-Oncology
  • Forensic Psychiatry

Education & Training

  • Residency: Johns Hopkins University, 1999
  • MD: University of Kansas, 1995

Major Awards

  • Outstanding Clinical Faculty Educator, University of Missouri School of Medicine, 2015
  • Excellence in Research Mentoring, University of Missouri School of Medicin, 2015
  • Winner, Eric Hoffer notable book award for “We Came in Peace for all Mankind”, 2009
  • Mitchell B. Balter Award for Antipsychotics and Risk of Breast Cancer Study, 2023

Areas of Clinical Interest

Extreme Overvalued Beliefs
Oncology/ Breast Cancer
Forensic Psychiatry

Research Interests

While the definitions of delusion and obsession are familiar to most psychiatrists, overvalued ideas are less known, but are a key aspect of phenomenology in threat assessment. An important characteristic seen in mass shooters is fixation. Fixation is defined as an increasingly pathological preoccupation with a person or a cause. It typically causes deterioration of social and occupational functioning.

Dr. Rahman has been researching the concept of extreme overvalued beliefs. An extreme overvalued belief is a fixation that is shared by others in a person’s cultural, religious, or subcultural group. The belief is often relished, amplified, and defended by the possessor of the belief and should be differentiated from an obsession or a delusion. The belief grows more dominant over time, more refined and more resistant to challenge. The individual has an intense emotional commitment to the belief and may carry out violent behavior in its service.

Dr. Rahman has also conducted grant funded research on antipsychotics and breast cancer. Although no clear causal link between antipsychotic use and breast cancer has been established, antipsychotics that raise serum prolactin levels are associated with a higher risk of breast cancer than antipsychotics that produce smaller increases in prolactin levels. All women age =40 should be offered a referral to a clinic that can provide screening mammography.

Key Publications

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    Funded Research Projects

    Siteman Investment Program- Antipsychotics and Breast Cancer (PI)