Michael Harms

Michael Harms

Professor of Psychiatry

Education & Training

  • PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, 2002
  • BS: Rice University, Houston, Texas, 1994

Research Interests

Advanced structural, functional, and diffusion MR acquisitions and analyses to study brain networks in healthy individuals and those with psychiatric conditions; Endophenotypes (biological markers) of schizophrenia, psychosis, and early onset (pediatric) depression; Quality control and cleaning of MR data, including rigorous multi-site studies; MR data harmonization

Key Publications

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    Funded Research Projects

    NICHD(Significant Contributor):Genetics, the Adolescent Brain, and Addiction Liability: A Longitudinal Twin Study
    NIMH(Significant Contributor):Neuroimaging in Early Onset Depression: Longitudinal Assessment of Brain Changes
    NIMH(Significant Contributor):The Neural Meta-Structure of Psychopathology
    Office of the Director(Significant Contributor): Mediators and Moderators of Effects of Environmental Exposures on Neurodevelopment and Health Outcomes in Early Childhood
    NIDA(Significant Contributor):Neurocognitive Consequences of Adolescent Marijuana Use
    NIMH(Significant Contributor):Connectomics in Psychiatric Classification
    NIAAA(Significant Contributor):Alcohol and the Brain: Leveraging the Human Connectome Project
    NIAAA(Significant Contributor):Neuroanatomical Validation of ERP Endophenotypes for Alcoholism
    NIDA(Significant Contributor):3/13 ABCD-USA Consortium: Twin Research Project
    NIA(Significant Contributor):Mapping the Human Connectome During Typical Aging
    NIMH(Significant Contributor):Connectome Coordination Facility
    NIMH(Significant Contributor):Mapping the Human Connectome During Typical Development
    NIMH(Significant Contributor):Neurodevelopmental Trajectories of Reward Processing in Very Early Emerging Risk for Depression
    NIMH(Significant Contributor):Developing Psychiatric Neuroimaging in Kenya