Mary Katherine Ray

Mary Katherine Ray

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Education & Training

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 2021
  • PhD: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, 2018
  • BS: University of North Alabama, 2013

Major Awards

  • NIH/NIDDK Loan Repayment Program Award, 2020
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Honorable Mention, 2016

Research Interests

My research focuses on diabetes mellitus and obesity in youth. Specifically, my work aims to determine the relationship between glucose variability and dynamic cognitive function in youth with type 1 diabetes; track the progression of diabetes mellitus in the rare, genetic condition Wolfram syndrome; and understand how obesity affects the brain during childhood.

Key Publications

    • Ray MK, McMichael A, Rivera-Santana M, Noel J, Hershey T, (2021). Technological Ecological Momentary Assessment Tools to Study Type 1 Diabetes in Youth: Viewpoint of Methodologies. JMIR Diabetes. 6(2): e27027.
    • Fowler LA, Grammer AC, Ray MK, Balantekin KN, Stein RI, Kolko Conlon RP, Welch RR, Perri MG, Epstein LH, Wilfley DE, (2021). Examining the interdependence of parent-child dyads: Effects on weight loss and maintenance. Pediatr Obes. 16(1): e12697.
    • Rotman SA, Fowler LA, Ray MK, Stein RI, Hayes JF, Kolko RP, Balantekin KN, Engel A, Saelens BE, Welch RR, Perri MG, Epstein LH, Wilfley DE, (2020). Family Encouragement of Healthy Eating Predicts Child Dietary Intake and Weight Loss in Family-Based Behavioral Weight-Loss Treatment. Child Obes. 16(3): 218-225.
    • Ray MK, Grammer AC, Davison G, Fitzsimmons-Craft E, Wilfley DE. Psychotherapy. In G.K.W. Frank & L.A. Berner (Eds.), (2020). Binge Eating: A Transdiagnostic Psychopathology. Berlin, Germany: Springer.
    • Ray MK, Sylvester MD, Helton A, Pittman BR, Wagstaff LE, McRae TR, Turan B, Fontaine KR, Amthor FR, Boggiano MM, (2019). The effect of expectation on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to suppress food craving and eating in individuals with overweight and obesity. Appetite. 136: 1-7.