Rumi Price

Professor of Psychiatry

Additional Titles & Roles

  • Scholar, Institute for Public Health
  • Scholar, Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences

Education & Training

  • PhD: University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, Califfornia, 1988
  • MPE: Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis MO, 1990

Major Awards

  • Independent Scientist Award -II, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Nihon Koteisho Kyokai Foundation Award, 2004

Areas of Clinical Interest

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); Drug dependence and abuse; Human trafficking and exploitation; Psychiatric health among Veteran and military populations; Prevention and implementation research

Research Interests

Longitudinal component: This component continues with data analysis and findings dissemination of longitudinal surveys on a national sample of Vietnam veterans and marched controls consisting of 1972 baseline, 1974 follow-up, and 1996-7 follow-up and the last followup of 2001-2006 to examine long-term effects of war exposure, drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric disorders and life events including suicidality up to middle life.

Common bio-psychosocial mechanisms of PTSD and drug abuse comorbidity were examined with a cohort of the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF). The on-going project addresses in-deployment and post-deployment mental health (e.g., PTSD) and reintegration issues working with Missouri National Guard and the Department of Defense. For prevention and postvention implementation, a mobile mental health study implements e-therapies combined with a physiological censoring.

Extending the expertise in PTSD and substance abuse, a series of studies explore the epidemiology of domestic human trafficking, physical and mental health consequences of victimization, heath care sector’s role in postvention and prevention; policy advocacy to improve comprehensive services.

Methodological enhancement: A general aim is to identify and implement non-traditional techniques that will help in selecting better measures and analytically improve prediction. Genetic algorithms, tree based regressions, and artificial neural-network models have been successfully applied to large-scale epidemiologic data and were found to improve predictive power.

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Key Publications

  • Price RK, Spitznagel, EL, Downey TJ, Meyer DJ, Risk NK, El-Ghazzawy OG: Applying artificial neural-network models to clinical decision-making. Psychological Assessment 2000; 12:40-51.
  • Price RK, Risk NK, Spitznagel EL: Remission from illicit drug use over a 25-period: Patterns of remission and treatment use. Am J Pub Health 2001; 91:1107-1113.
  • Price RK, Risk, NK, Haden AH, Lewis CE, Spitznagel EL: Post-traumatic stress disorder, drug dependence and suicidality among male Vietnam veterans with a history of heavy drug use. Drug Alc Dep 2004; 76:31-43.
  • Sakai JT, Risk NK, Tanaka CA, Price RK. Conduct disorder among Asians and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders in the U.S. Psychological Medicine 2008; 38:1013-1025.
  • Rothman E, Chisolm-straker, Ballwin S, Price RK, Atkinson H, Stoklosa H. Public health research priorities to address US human trafficking. Am J Public Health (in press)
  • Balan S, Widner G, Shroff M, van den Berk-Clark C, Sherrer J, Price RK. Drug use disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder over 25 adult years: Role of psychopathology in relational networks. Drug Alc Dep 2013; 133:228-234.

Funded Research Projects

Washington University Institute for Public Health (PI): Human trafficking in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area

Department of Justice/OJJDP (consortium PI): St. Louis Girls At Risk Initiative.

Washington University Institute for Public Health/Center for Dissemination and Implementation (PI): Feasibility and Acceptability of a Sensor-assisted E-therapy for PTSD

Washington University Institute for Public Health (PI): Child human trafficking in the St. Louis region: Policy implementation to impact the most vulnerable.

Department of Justice/OJJDP (consortium PI): The Safe & Thriving St. Louis.