History Timeline

Dr. Mandel Cohen

Dr. Mandel Cohen was a Harvard psychiatrist who profoundly influenced the field of psychiatry.  Although surrounded in Boston by psychoanalytically oriented psychiatrists, Dr. Cohen was a contrarian and advocated for research and the scientific method. He published clinical articles that were data driven. Cohen was a strong supporter of Dr. Gildea and had substantial influence on the careers of many of the Washington University faculty, including Drs. George Saslow, Eli Robins, and Robert Woodruff.  Dr. Cohen was proud of the Washington University group and they, in turn, acknowledged his profound influence on their thinking. Dr. Eli Robins worked with Dr. Cohen on clinical research projects at Harvard. Dr. Cohen arranged for Dr. Robins to meet Dr. Gildea in 1949.  As a result of this meeting, Dr. Gildea arranged for Dr. Robins to work in the laboratory of Dr. Oliver Lowry at Washington University.