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The James and Philip Brasington Memorial Prize

Dr. Rick Brasington and his wife Kathleen Ferrell, along with his sister Becky Brasington Clark, established this award to honor the memories of Rick’s son James and Rick and Becky’s brother Philip. The prize is given annually to a medical student who has demonstrated excellent preclinical and clinical academic performance in psychiatry and has the potential to make significant contributions to the field.

Year   Awardees
2010 Rick Schenkelberg
2011 Mary K. Conlon
2012 Colleen E. Donovan
2013 Agnieszka Milczarek & Carrie Morris Mintz
2014 Elizabeth Fenstermacher
2015 Max S. Rosen
2016 Celina R. Jacobi
2017 Giuseppe D’Amelio
2018 Susan Qi Shen