History Timeline

Dr. Edwin Gildea

Dr. Gildea received his MD from Harvard and remained in Boston for his internship, psychiatry training, and post-graduate training in neurology and neuropathology. After 12 years on the faculty at Yale, Dr. Gildea was recruited to head the Department of Neuropsychiatry at Washington University in 1942. He was interested in the biological basis of behavior and participated in biochemical research. During his 21 years as Head of the Department, Dr. Gildea attracted an extremely talented group of faculty members, including Drs. George Saslow, George Ulett, Eli Robins, Samuel Guze, George Winokur, Lee Robins, and George Murphy. He established an environment that encouraged intellectual growth, which set the stage for his talented faculty to develop a medical model approach to the field of psychiatry. Dr. Gildea was the first recipient of the Wallace and Lucille K. Renard Professorship in Psychiatry.