(9 AM–10:15 AM)
Clopton Auditorium
(11:30 AM–12:45 PM)
Cori Auditorium
Title Speaker Title Speaker
Sep 18 2018 Microglia, Oxysterols & Hippocampal Dysfunction: A path to novel treatments?

Charles Zorumski, MD

Sep 19 2018

Faculty Meeting

Sep 25 2018 Eli Robins Lecture
Blast from the Past: Understanding Ancient Mind-Body Causes of Depression to Optimize 21st Century Treatment

Charles Louis Raison, MD Mary Sue and Mike Shannon Chair for Healthy Minds, Children & Families University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Human Ecology Madison, Wisconsin

Sep 26 2018 Mentoring for the Washington University Psychiatry Residency Research Education Program

Nuri B. Farber, MD and Anne Glowinski, MD, MPE

Oct 2 2018 Alex Kaplan Lecture
Terrorism and Mental Disorder: The Nexus of Psychopathology and Ideology

J. Reid Meloy, Ph.D., ABPP A Forensic Psychological Corporation Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Univ. of California, San Diego Faculty, San Diego Psychoanalytic Center

Oct 3 2018 Recipe for a Successful Academic Career

Laura Bierut, MD

Oct 9 2018 Psychiatric Illnesses: Thoughts about Prevention and Treatment Specificity

Eugene Rubin, MD, PhD

Oct 10 2018 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
Linking Neonatal Brain Connectivity With Early Childhood Psychopathology In Preterm Infants

Cynthia Rogers

Oct 16 2018 Teen Treatments and Perspectives in Opioid Use Disorder

Paul Glaser, MD, PhD

Oct 17 2018

Faculty Meeting

Oct 23 2018 Shobe Lecture
IT TAKES A VILLAGE to Enhance Children’s Mental Health in Low Resource Settings

Mary McKay, PhD Neidorff Family and Centene Corporation Dean of the Brown School

Oct 24 2018 Decision Making During the Conduct of Research

Michele Pergadia, PhD

Oct 30 2018 Healing In The Heartland: Integrating Science Into Missouri’s Response To The Opioid Crisis

Laura Bierut, MD

Oct 31 2018 Resources for Mentors and Mentees

Steven Mennerick, PhD

Nov 6 2018 An Exit Poll on the Role of Cannabis in Psychiatric Health

Arpana Agrawal, PhD

Nov 7 2018 Mouse Models to Explore Neuronal Inhibit

Min-Yu Sun, PhD

Nov 13 2018 Guze Lecture
Opportunities and Challenges in Psychiatric Neuroscience

Joshua A. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D. Director National Institute of Mental Health

Nov 14 2018 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
Developmental Changes in Brain Reward and Control Systems

Andrey Anokhin, PhD

Nov 20 2018 The Opioid Epidemic: an Update

Luis Giuffra, MD, MS, PhD

Nov 21 2018

Faculty Meeting

Nov 27 2018 Prescription Opioid Abuse and the Resurgence of Heroin

Theodore Cicero, PhD

Nov 28 2018 Individual, Family and Neighborhood Influences in Pathways to Psychopathology: Early Adolescent Substance Use and Suicidality

Andrew Heath, DPhil

Dec 4 2018 Early Emergence of Depression: Understanding Risk Factors and Treatment

Deanna Barch, PhD

Dec 5 2018 Elevated Child Maltreatment and Maternal and Child Mortality Among Women with Multiple DUIs Compared to Sociodemographically Matched Controls

Kathleen K. Bucholz, PhD and Vivia McCutcheon, PhD

Dec 11 2018 Dr. Adolfo & Fanny Rizzo Lecture
Bringing Discovery to the Community: New Initiatives in the Division of Child Psychiatry

Joan Luby, MD

Dec 12 2018 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
Evidence for an Infant Construct of Social Motivation and Predictive Validity for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Natasha Marrus, MD, PhD

Dec 18 2018 Medical School Curriculum Reform: Historical Perspectives and Current Challenges

Brendan O'Connor, MD

Dec 19 2018

Faculty Meeting

Dec 25 2018


Dec 26 2018


Jan 1 2019


Jan 2 2019


Jan 8 2019 Trends in Access to Inpatient Psychiatric Care and a Review of Civil Commitment

Melissa Harbit, MD

Jan 9 2019 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
Identifying Sensitive Periods in Development: An Epidemiological Approach to Preventing Depression

Erin Dunn, ScD, MPH

Jan 15 2019 Marjorie Frank Lesser Resident Invitational
PTSD: Evolution of Concept

Israel Liberzon, MD

Jan 16 2019

Faculty Meeting

Jan 22 2019 A Case of Kratom: Do Negative Drug Screens Really Mean Negative?

Marcie Garland, MD

Jan 23 2019 Spatial Clustering in Addiction: Research Approaches

Min Lian, MD, PhD

Jan 29 2019 Mental Health In A Complex Humanitarian Crisis

Anne Glowinski, MD, MPE

Jan 30 2019 Excitability and Irritability in Preschoolers Predicts Later Psychopathology: The Importance of Positive and Negative Emotion Dysregulation

Alecia Vogel-Hammen, MD, PhD

Feb 5 2019 What Will It Take To Prevent Child Abuse?: Progress on the Front Lines of Intervention

John Constantino, MD

Feb 6 2019 The Ventral Attention Network in Pediatric Anxiety

Michael Perino, PhD

Feb 12 2019 Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT) and Quetiapine as Treatments for Bipolar II Depression

Holly Swartz, MD Professor of psychiatry at University of Pittsburgh

Feb 13 2019 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
Identifying Social Brain Biomarkers for ASD

Sara Webb, PhD

Feb 19 2019 The Evolution from Health Services Research to the Healthcare Innovation Lab

Thomas M. Maddox, MD, MSc

Feb 20 2019

Faculty Meeting

Feb 26 2019 Transient Tics Aren’t

Kevin Black, MD

Feb 27 2019 The Influence of Early Childhood Shame on Prosocial Behavior, Neural Structure, and Depression

Rose Donohue, Ph.D.

Mar 5 2019 Lee Robins Lecture
The Promise of Early School-Based Universal Preventative Interventions for Reducing the Risk of Mental Health & Substance Use Problems & Disorders

Nicholas S. Ialongo, PhD, MA

Mar 6 2019 From a T to a K, with Lessons From Opioid Use Disorder Along the Way

Carrie Mintz, MD

Mar 12 2019 General Psychiatry Residency Training Program: Past, Present, Future

Nuri B. Farber, MD

Mar 13 2019 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
Approaches and Ppotential Clinical Applications of Precision Functional Mapping in Individual Human Brains

Evan Gordon, PhD Acting Director of Neuroimaging VA VISN 17 Center of Excellence for Research on Returning War Veterans Research Assistant Professor, Baylor University Research Assistant Professor, University of Texas – Dallas, Center for Vital Longevity

Mar 19 2019 Evolution of Genetic Networks for Human Longevity, Creativity, and Altruism

C. Robert Cloninger, MD, PhD

Mar 20 2019

Faculty Meeting

Mar 26 2019 Washington Early Recognition Center (WERC): Towards a Translational Research Clinic for Prodromal and Early Psychosis

Daniel Mamah, MD, MPE

Mar 27 2019 Leveraging Implementation Science to Improve Treatment of Patients Who Smoke

Alex T. Ramsey, PhD

Apr 2 2019 Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant Depression: Re-Emergence of a Powerful Neurostimulation Treatment

Charles Conway, MD

Apr 3 2019 Reflections on 10 years of Research After Residency

Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD

Apr 9 2019 Psychiatry Departmental Titles: A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Barry Hong, PhD, ABPP

Apr 10 2019 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
Neural Predictors of Treatment Outcomes and Trajectories in Childhood Psychiatric Disorders

Rachel Marsh, PhD

Apr 16 2019 Sansone Lecture
What does it mean to live well in the 21st Century?

Kevin Cloninger, PhD, PCC Executive Director, Anthropedia

Apr 17 2019

Faculty Meeting

Apr 23 2019 Demographic and Clinical Factors Associated with No Show Appointments in a Resident Psychiatry Clinic Impact of Stimulant Pharmacotherapy in Adolescents engaged in Substance Abuse Treatment

Lauren Marks, MD Michael Wenzinger, MD

Apr 24 2019 Measuring Parkin’s Disease Progression: Assessing Cognition Predicting Adolescent Mania from Preschool Symptoms: The Importance of Family History Comorbid Anxiety in Late-Life Depression: relationship with treatment remission and suicidal ideation.

Brandon Akers, MD Natchanan Charatcharungkiat, MD Yasmina Saade, MD

Apr 30 2019 Resident/Fellows Lectures
Focus, Method, Calling and Creation: On Charting a Professional Course Enhancing Mindfulness with Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Cognitive Training for Treatment of Cognitive Decline in Adults with Schizophrenia: A Pilot Randomized Trial Can a mindfulness app reduce symptoms of depression in older adults (65 or older) with MDD?

Andres S. Martin, MD, MPH Hanadi Ajam Oughli, MD Rita Haddad, MD Aaron Mofsen, DO

May 1 2019 Resident/Fellows Lectures
A New, Simple Method for Extracting 'Networks' from fMRI Data Consult Trends in the ER at St Louis Children’s Hospital During the School Year

Robert Bauer, MD, PhD Chris Charlot, MD Samad Hassan

May 7 2019 Resident/Fellows Lectures
Risk Factors for Suicidal Ideation in the Perinatal Period Trends and Variability in Emergency Psychiatric Consultations Factitious Disorders, Pseudologia Fantastica, and the Law

Marie Bosch, MD, PhD Wade Reiner, MD Alex Rose, MD

May 8 2019

No Seminar

May 14 2019 Resident/Fellows Lectures
Digital Psychiatry-A Software Shrink Screen Time Recommendations in Children Under 5

Shahana Ayub, MD Erica Vance, MD

May 15 2019

Faculty Meeting