Patient Care

Center For Mood Disorders

Faculty and staff of the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine conduct federally funded and industry-sponsored research through the Center for Mood Disorders .


Major Contributions in Psychiatry

The faculty's major discoveries and accomplishments that have made an impact in psychiatry:

  • Interaction of lithium and inositol pathway
  • Large-scale family follow-up studies in bipolar disorder, alcohol, and criminal behavior
  • Personality structure, including inherited aspects
  • Development of standardized interviews used worldwide
  • Important source of current diagnostic schema
  • Identification of causes and risk factors associated with suicide
  • Neuroimaging studies of brain changes in depression
  • The influence of depression on the course of diabetes and heart attacks

The Department of Psychiatry recruits participats for its mood disorder studies on a continuing basis. Research provides hope to patients for whom standard treatments have not been successful or who have not experienced the full benefits of treatment and provides a service when patients cannot afford treatment. In addition, several large family-based research projects look to recruit families interested in helping identify the gene(s) involved in the inheritance patterns of mood disorders. Referrals by our colleagues will help reach people who could possibly benefit from new treatments/therapies. Physicians and patients benefit from continuity of care as the referring physicians are kept informed of their patients' care.

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Center for Mood Disorders
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