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Daniel Mamah, MD, MPE

Current Position
Associate Professor in Psychiatry

University Roles
Committee on Admissions, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis (2005-2008)
IRB Review Committee (2010-2011)

Education and Training
MPE (Master of Psychiatric Epidemiology): Washington University Medical School (2007)
NIMH Postdoctoral Fellowship: Psychiatric Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Washington University Medical School (2005-2007)
Residency: Psychiatry, Washington University Medical School (2005)
Medical School: Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest, Hungary (1998)
High School: Federal Government College, Port Harcourt, Nigeria (1991)

Major Awards
BRAINS (Biobehavioral Research Award for Innovative New Scientists), NIMH (2014)
President (founding), Missouri Psychiatric Association (2010-2011)
Award for Outstanding Leadership, Eastern Missouri Psychiatric Society (2010)
NARSAD Young Investigator Award 2009
President, Eastern Missouri Psychiatric Society (2008-2010)
DSM-5 Task Force, American Psychiatric Association: Member (2006-2013)
Board of Trustees, American Psychiatric Association: Member-in-Training Trustee (2004-2006)
Biophysics Award, Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest, Hungary (1993)

Areas of Clinical Interest
Psychosis Risk, Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, Bipolar Disorders


Areas of Research Interests
1. Functional Connectivity MRI
2. Diffusion and Structural MRI
3. Cross-Cultural Psychiatry
4. Psychiatric Nosology

More articles and abstracts at the National Library of Medicine

Key Publications
Mamah D, Owoso A, Sheffield JM, Bayer C. The WERCAP Screen and the WERC Stress Screen: psychometrics of self-rated instruments for assessing bipolar and psychotic disorder risk and perceived stress burden. Compr Psychiatry. 2014 Jul 7.  Full Article ->

Mamah D, Barch DM, RepovÅ¡ G. Resting state functional connectivity of five neural networks in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. J Affect Disord. 2013 Sep 5;150(2):601-9.   Full Article ->

Mamah D, Owoso A, Mbwayo AW, Mutiso VN, Muriungi SK, Khasakhala LI, Barch DM, Ndetei DM. Classes of psychotic experiences in Kenyan children and adolescents. Child Psychiatry Hum Dev. 2013 Jun;44(3):452-9.  Full Article ->

Mamah D, Harms MP, Barch D, Styner M, Lieberman JA, Wang L. Hippocampal shape and volume changes with antipsychotics in early stage psychotic illness. Front Psychiatry. 2012 Nov 12;3:96.  Full Article ->

Mamah D, Harms MP, Wang L, Barch D, Thompson P, Kim J, Miller MI, Csernansky JG. Basal ganglia shape abnormalities in the unaffected siblings of schizophrenia patients. Biol Psychiatry. 2008 Jul 15; 64(2): 111-20.  Full Article ->

Mamah D, Barch DM, Csernansky JG. Neuromorphometric measures as endophenotypes of schizophrenia spectrum disorders. In: Neuropsychiatric Biomarkers, Endophenotypes, and Genes: Promises, Advances and Challenges. Michael S. Ritsner (ed). Springer 2009.  Full Article ->

Funded Research Projects
NIMH (PI): Connectomics in Psychiatric Classification
NIMH (PI): Neuromorphometry of Psychosis in Bipolar Disorder
NIMH (PI): Genes, Behavior and Psychosis Risk in Kenya
NIMH (PI): Identification of Psychosis Risk Traits in Africa
McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience (PI): Optimizing Brain Connectomics in Psychiatric Disorders
NARSAD (PI): Neuromorphometry of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders