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Petra Nowotny, PhD

Current Position
Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Areas of Research Interests
Our laboratory is interested in the genetics of late-onset Alzheimers disease (AD) and related neurological disorders. We are performing association studies in candidate genes by genotyping SNPs and compare the allele frequencies of AD cases and healthy controls. We are using protein and RNA assays to examine the functional effects of associated SNPs. We are using assays of allele-specific gene expression to measure the effect of associated SNPs on mRNA levels.

Key Publications
Nowotny P., Hinrichs A.L., Smemo S., Kauwe J.S.K., Maxwell T., Holmans P., Hamshere M., Turic D., Jehu L., Hollingworth P. , Moore P., Bryden L., Myers A., Doil L.M, Tacey K.M., Gibson A.M., McKeith I.G., Perry R.H., Morris C.M., Thal L., Morris J.C., ODonovan M.C., Lovestone S., Grupe A., Hardy J., Owen M.J., Williams J., Goate A. (2005) Association Studies Between Risk for Late-Onset Alzheimers Disease and Variants in Insulin Degrading Enzyme. Am J Med Genet PartB: in press

Li Y., Nowotny P., Holmans P., Smemo S., Kauwe J., Hinrichs T., Tacey K., Doil L., van Luchene R., Garcia V., Rowland C., Schrodi S., Leong D., Gogic G., Chan J., Cravchik A., Ross D., Lau K., Kwok S., Chang S-Y., Catanese J., Sninsky J., White T., Hardy J., Powell J., Lovestone S., Thal L., Owen M., Williams J., Goate A., Grupe A. (2004) Association of late onset Alzheimers disease with genetic variation in multiple members of the GAPD gene family. PNAS 101: 15688-15693.

Busby V., Gossens S., Nowotny P., Hamilton G., Smemo S., Harold D., Turis D., Jehu L., Myers A., Womick M., Woo D., Compton D., Doil L.M., Tacey K.M., Lau K.F., Al-Saraj S., Killick R., Pickering-Brown S., Moore P., Hollingworth P., Archer N., Foy C., Walter S., Lendon C., Iwatsubo T., Morris J.C., Norton J., Mann D., Janssens B., Hardy J., ODonovan M., Jones L., Williams J., Holmans P., Owen M.J., Grupe A., Powell J., van Hegel J., Goate A., Van Roy F. and Lovestone S. (2004) a-T-Catenin Is Expressed in Human Brain and Interacts With the Wnt Signaling Pathway But Is Not Responsible for Linkage to Chromosome 10 in Alzheimers Disease. NeuroMolecular Medicine 5(2): 133-46.

Nowotny P., Kwon J.M., Chakraverty, S., Nowotny V., Morris, J.C. and Goate A.M. (2001) Association studies using novel polymorphisms in BACE1 and BACE2. NeuroReport 12: 1799-1802.
Kwon M.J., Nowotny P., Shah P.K., Chakraverty S., Norton J., Morris J.C. and Goate A.M. (2000) Tau polymorphisms are not associated with Alzheimers disease. Neurosci.Lett. 284: 77-80.

Funded Research Projects
NIA(Key Personnel):Genomic Search for Susceptibility to Alzheimer's Disease
NIMH(Key Personnel):Risk Genes for Late-Life Depression after Hip Fracture