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Alexandre Todorov, PhD

Current Position
Professor of Psychiatry

Education and Training
PhD, Biometry, Louisiana State University Medical Center
MEd, Health Policy, Vanderbilt University
B.S., Mathematics, Vanderbilt University

Areas of Research Interests
Psychiatric genetics
Study design and methods for genetic epidemiological studies

Key Publications
Cicero TJ, Wong G, Tian Y, Lynskey M, Todorov A, Isenberg K (2009 Apr 9). Co-morbidity and utilization of medical services by pain patients receiving opioid medications: Data from an insurance claims database. Pain.   Full Article ->

Volk HE, Todorov AA, Hay DA, Todd RD (2009 Apr). Simple identification of complex ADHD subtypes using current symptom counts. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 48(4): 441-50.  Full Article ->

Philibert RA, Todorov A, Andersen A, Hollenbeck N, Gunter T, Heath A, Madden P (2009 Mar). Examination of the Nicotine Dependence (NICSNP) Consortium findings in the Iowa adoption studies population. Nicotine Tob Res. 11(3): 286-92.  Full Article ->

Nelson EC, Agrawal A, Pergadia ML, Lynskey MT, Todorov AA, Wang JC, Todd RD, Martin NG, Heath AC, Goate AM, Montgomery GW, Madden PA (2009 Mar). Association of childhood trauma exposure and GABRA2 polymorphisms with risk of posttraumatic stress disorder in adults. Mol Psychiatry. 14(3): 234-5.  Full Article ->

Todd RD, Huang H, Todorov AA, Neuman RJ, Reiersen AM, Henderson CA, Reich WC (2008 Jan). Predictors of stability of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder subtypes from childhood to young adulthood. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 47(1): 76-85.  Full Article ->

Chorbov VM, Lobos EA, Todorov AA, Heath AC, Botteron KN, Todd RD (2007 Sep 5). Relationship of 5-HTTLPR genotypes and depression risk in the presence of trauma in a female twin sample. Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet. 144B(6): 830-3.  Full Article ->

Funded Research Projects
NIAAA(Key Personnel):Molecular Epidemiology of Alcoholism 2 - Big Sibships
NIDA(Key Personnel):Cannabis Use, Abuse and Dependence: Exploring Phenotypes
NIAAA(Key Personnel):Midwest Alcoholism Research Center: Genetic Epidemiology of Alcoholism & Comorbidity
NIDA(PI):Genetic Epidemiology of Opioid Dependence in Bulgaria
NIDA(Key Personnel):Genetic Studies of Substance Abuse in Iowa Adoptees
NICHD(Key Personnel):Autistic Traits: Life Course & Genetic Structure
NIMH(PI):Molecular Basis of Selected GxE Effects in Combined Type ADHD
NIMH(Key Personnel):2/5 The Psychiatric GWAS Consortium: Integrated & Coordinated GWAS Meta-Analysis
NIMH(Key Personnel):Molecular Genetics of Inattention in Australia
NIDA(Key Personnel):Prenatal Tobacco Exposure: Effects on Neuropsychological Outcomes and ADHD