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John Rohrbaugh, PhD

Current Position
Professor of Psychiatry

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Areas of Research Interests
Currently funded projects include:

Development of novel laser-based methods for non-contact sensing of physiological activity, and application to the study of stress and emotion.

The psychophysiology laboratories includes broad capabilities for measuring multi-channel EEGs as well as activity in a variety of somatic and visceral response systems.

Key Publications
Goebel JA, Dunham DN, Rohrbaugh JW, Fishel D, Stewart PA: Dose-related effects of alcohol on dynamic posturography and oculomotor measures. Acta Otolaryngologia (Stockholm) Supp 1995; 520:212-215.

Sirevaag EJ, Rohrbaugh JW, Stern JA,Vedeniapin AB, Packingham K, LaJonchere CM: Multi-dimensional characterizations of operator state: A validation of oculomotor metrics. Technical Report to the Federal Aviation Administration DOT/FAA/AM, 1999; 99/28.

Anokhin AP, Vedeniapin AB, Sirevaag EJ, Bauer LO, OConnor SJ, Kuperman S, Porjesz B, Reich T, Begleiter H, Polich J, Rohrbaugh JW: The P300 brain potential is reduced in smokers. Psychopharmacology 2000; 149:409-413.

Chorlian DB, Tang Y, Rangaswamy M, O'Connor S, Rohrbaugh J, Taylor R, Porjesz B (2007 Jul). Heritability of EEG coherence in a large sib-pair population. Biol Psychol. 75(3): 260-6.  Full Article ->

Funded Research Projects
U.S. Army(PI):Physiological Measurement Using Laser Doppler Vibrometry - TSWG Task IS-ST-3319
Department of Defense(PI):IR LDV SYSTEM 001 588/0002/10