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Erik J. Sirevaag, PhD

Current Position
Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Areas of Research Interests
I am currently engaged in a number of laboratory challenge studies involving the administration of nicotine and alcohol, either separately or in combination. A variety of psychophysiological, subjective and performance-based measures are obtained in different populations of subject varying in degree of previous exposure to the drug of interest. For example, in the nicotine studies we examine responses to nicotine in both never-smokers and current smokers. Twin designs are also being employed to examine the heritability of measured responses.

Key Publications
Sirevaag EJ, Rohrbaugh JW, Goebel, JA: Frequency specific amplitude analysis of sway in malingerers versus patients. In Claussen, C.F., Haid, C.T. and Hofferberth (eds) Equilibrium in Research and Equilibriometry in Modern Treatment Amsterdam: Elsevier 1999; pp. 273-277.

Sirevaag E, Rohrbaugh JW, Stern JA, Vedeniapin AB, Packingham KD, LaJonchere C M: Multi-dimensional characterizations of operator state: A Validation of oculomotor metrics. DOT/FAA/AM 1999; 99/28.

Sirevaag E, Stern JA: The gaze control system. In Baks, R, Boucsein W (eds) Engineering Psychology: Issues and Applications Mahwah, New Jersey: Erlbaum pp. 269-287.

Anokhin AP, Vedeniapin AB, Sirevaag EJ, Bauer LO, O'Conner SJ, Kuperman S, Porjesz B, Reich T, Begleiter H, Polich, J, Rohrbaugh JW: P300 is reduced in smokers: Evidence from families with alcoholism. Psychopharmacology 2000; 149:409-413.

Funded Research Projects
U.S. Army(Key Personnel):Remote Detection of Deception Using Laser Doppler Vibrometry
NIDA(Key Personnel):Neurocognition, Genetics, and Adolescent Substance Abuse