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Joseph Bloom, PhD

Current Position
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Areas of Research Interests
Nicotine dependence, drug metabolism, human genetics

Key Publications
Bloom A Joseph,Baker Timothy B,Chen Li-Shiun,Breslau Naomi,Hatsukami Dorothy,Bierut Laura J,Goate Alison,Variants in two adjacent genes, EGLN2 and CYP2A6, influence smoking behavior related to disease risk via different mechanisms.2013 Sep 17;23:555-61;  Full Article ->

Bloom A Joseph,Hartz Sarah M,Baker Timothy B,Chen Li-Shiun,Piper Megan E,Fox Louis,Martinez Maribel,Hatsukami Dorothy,Johnson Eric O,Laurie Cathy C,Saccone Nancy L,Goate Alison,Bierut Laura J,Beyond cigarettes per day. A genome-wide association study of the biomarker carbon monoxide.11:1003-10;  Full Article ->

Bloom A Joseph,Harari Oscar,Martinez Maribel,Madden Pamela A F,Martin Nicholas G,Montgomery Grant W,Rice John P,Murphy Sharon E,Bierut Laura J,Goate Alison,Use of a predictive model derived from in vivo endophenotype measurements to demonstrate associations with a complex locus, CYP2A6.2012 Mar 26;21:3050-62;  Full Article ->

Bloom Joseph,Hinrichs Anthony L,Wang Jen C,von Weymarn Linda B,Kharasch Evan D,Bierut Laura J,Goate Alison,Murphy Sharon E,The contribution of common CYP2A6 alleles to variation in nicotine metabolism among European-Americans.21:403-16;  Full Article ->

Funded Research Projects
NIDA(PI):Novel Approaches to Investigate Genetic Correlates of Smoking Behaviors