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Vivia McCutcheon, PhD

Current Position
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

University Roles
Research; Faculty Scholar, Washington University Institute for Public Health; Faculty member, TranSTAR (Transdisciplinary Training in Addictions Research

Education and Training
Ph.D. in Social Work, Washington University, 2005

Areas of Research Interests
1) extra-treatment factors that influence recovery from alcohol use disorders in adults, with a particular interest in social/environmental factors, 2) the development of substance and behavior problems in children from high-risk families, including examination of gene-environment interplay

Key Publications
McCutcheon VV, Grant JD, Heath AC, Bucholz KK, Sartor CE, Nelson EC, Madden PA, Martin NG (2012 Mar 16). Environmental influences predominate in remission from alcohol use disorder in young adult twins. Psychol Med. 1-11.  Full Article ->

McCutcheon VV, Luke DA, Lessov-Schlaggar CN, (2016 Jan). Reduced Social Network Drinking is Associated with Improved Response Inhibition in Women During Early Recovery from Alcohol Use Disorders: A Pilot Study. Alcohol. Clin. Exp. Res.. 40(1): 170-7.  Full Article ->

McCutcheon VV, Kramer JR, Edenberg HJ, Nurnberger JI, Kuperman S, Schuckit MA, Heath AC, Bucholz KK (2014 Jul). Social contexts of remission from DSM-5 alcohol use disorder in a high-risk sample. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 38(7): 2015-23.  Full Article ->

McCutcheon VV, Lessov-Schlaggar CN, Steinley D, Bucholz KK (2014 Aug 1). Social network drinking and family history contribute equally to first-onset alcohol dependence in high risk adults. Drug Alcohol Depend. 141145-8.  Full Article ->

McCutcheon VV, Scherrer JF, Grant JD, Xian H, Haber JR, Jacob T, Bucholz KK (2013 Feb 1). Parent, sibling and peer associations with subtypes of psychiatric and substance use disorder comorbidity in offspring. Drug Alcohol Depend. 128(1-2): 20-9.  Full Article ->

Werner KB, McCutcheon VV, Challa M, Agrawal A, Lynskey MT, Conroy E, Statham DJ, Madden PA, Henders AK, Todorov AA, Heath AC, Degenhardt L, Martin NG, Bucholz KK, Nelson EC, (2016 Feb). The association between childhood maltreatment, psychopathology, and adult sexual victimization in men and women: results from three independent samples. Psychol Med. 46(3): 563-73.  Full Article ->

Funded Research Projects
NIAAA (SUNY) (Key Personnel): Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism