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Charles Zorumski, MD

Current Position
Samuel B. Guze Professor of Psychiatry

University Roles
Head of the Department of Psychiatry
Director, Taylor Family Institute for Innovative Psychiatric Research
Chair, Center for Brain Research in Mood Disorders

Education and Training
Bachelor of Arts: St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1974 Medical Degree: St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1978 Residency: Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, 1982

Major Awards
Listed in America's Top Doctors, Castle Connolly Medical Ltd, 2004-present
Listed in Best Doctors in America, 2003-present (Best Doctors, Inc)
NIMH Board of Scientific Counselors (Intramural Program), 2009-2013
Institute of Medicine, Forum on Neuroscience, 2009-2014
National Academy of Medicine (Institute of Medicine), National Academy of Sciences, elected 2012

Areas of Clinical Interest
Electroconvulsive therapy
Brain Stimulation Methods


Areas of Research Interests
Our laboratory is interested in physiology and pharmacology of amino acid neurotransmitters with emphasis on the regulation of responses at glutamate and GABA receptors. In our studies we use a variety of methods to examine modulation of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) and AMPA/kainate classes of glutamate receptors. We are also examining the role of glutamate reeptors in synaptic transmission and long-term potentiation in the hippocampus. Other studies are directed at understanding the modulation of GABA and glutamate receptors by neurosteroids and oxysterols. Our clinical studies are examining the benefits and risks of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in various groups of patients with psychiatric disorders, including the use of ECT as a maintenance therapy.

Special Populations, Data Sets and Facilities
Facilities are available for preparing in vitro hippocampal cell cultures and hippocampal slices. Equipment for intra- and extracellular electrophysiological recording from cultured cells, tissue slices or living animals.

More articles and abstracts at the National Library of Medicine

Key Publications
Paul SM, Doherty JJ, Robichaud AJ, Belfort GM, Chow BY, Hammond RS, Crawford DC, Linsenbardt AJ, Shu HJ, Izumi Y, Mennerick SJ, Zorumski CF (2013 Oct 30). The major brain cholesterol metabolite 24(S)-hydroxycholesterol is a potent allosteric modulator of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors. J Neurosci. 33(44): 17290-300.  Full Article ->

Zorumski CF, Paul SM, Izumi Y, Covey DF, Mennerick S (2013 Jan). Neurosteroids, stress and depression: potential therapeutic opportunities. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 37(1): 109-22.  Full Article ->

Izumi Y, Zorumski CF (2014 Nov). Metaplastic effects of subanesthetic ketamine on CA1 hippocampal function. Neuropharmacology. 86273-81.  Full Article ->

Sun M-Y,Izumi Y,Benz A, Zorumski CF, Mennerick S, (2015 Dec) Endogenous 24S-hydroxycholesterol modulates NMDAR-mediated function in hippocampal slices. J Neurophysiology 23;115:1263-72;  Full Article ->

Zorumski CF,Nagele P, Mennerick S, Conway CR Treatment-Resistant Major Depression: Rationale for NMDA Receptors as Targets and Nitrous Oxide as Therapy. Frontiers in Psychiatry 2015; 6:172  Full Article ->

Zorumski CF, Izumi Y, Mennerick S: Ketamine: NMDA receptors and beyond. Journal of Neuroscience 2016; 36: 11158-11166.   Full Article ->

Funded Research Projects
NIMH(co-PI):Oxysterols and NMDAR Function