Training Tracks

Washington University School of Medicine is one of the top medical schools in the country. The Department of Psychiatry, like other departments, is fortunate to have tremendous depth in clinical, educational, and research programs. Because of this depth, we are able to offer each resident individual attention to his or her specific areas of interest. We have found that residents’ interests evolve in unpredictable ways during their training. Instead of having specific tracks for select residents, we are able to help every resident follow the path s/he finds most interesting without limiting the number of residents in predefined tracks. Excellent clinical skills are essential for each resident no matter whether s/he aspires towards private practice, public psychiatry, or academic positions involving clinical education or basic/clinical research. Our schedule offers the flexibility and our faculty provides the depth and expertise to allow any interested resident to explore areas of clinical or basic science research. Residents interested in an academic career involving clinical care and education will also find ample opportunities to develop appropriate skills. The flexibility of our PGY-4 electives coupled with our department’s and university’s resources provides an environment that is designed to support each individual’s career development.