Residents at Work & Play

Interns making time to party!
Residents out at a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.
Washington University residents never forget their roots...
Work can be fun, even in residency.
Birthday party at Swati's house!
Our program director Dr. Farber, assistant program director Dr. Harbit, and several residents at the PGY4 graduation banquet.
Going away party for the PGY3s going into child fellowship
Interns enjoying a meal together
Wrapping Dr. Jarvis's office for his 60th birthday.
Residents at the holiday party
Nick enjoying activity therapy
Carrie and Whitney having fun in activity therapy
Current PGY-3's hard at work intern year.
Aggie and Whitney enjoying LouFest concert.
Residents enjoying dinner together.
Residents in class.
Residents helping out with orientation
Residents with their new white coats at orientation
Welcoming the 2014 intern class at happy hour.
2014 Residents at the Welcome BBQ
2013 Residents Meeting For The First TIme
2013 Residents About To Get Started