M & M Conference

M & M Conference is one of the residents’ most popular seminars. Each PGY4 resident prepares a clinical case of interest to that resident. After presenting the case, the resident reviews pertinent data from the literature and leads a discussion about the decisions that were made in the case. Below is a listing of the cases that were discussed in the previous two years.


Date Title Presenter
9/1/2016 "Psychotic" OCD Shan Siddiqi, M.B.B.S.
9/22/2016 Management of Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Disorder Naji Chaaya Salloum, M.D.
11/17/2016 Cycloid Psychosis Ludwig Trillo Alvarez, M.D.
1/26/2017 Psychostimulants and the Risk of Psychosis in ADHD Patients Hamid Amanatkar, M.D.
2/23/2017 Role of rTMS in Treatment-Resistant Depression Nicholas Trapp, M.D.
3/23/2017 Use of antipsychotics in Alzheimer's Disease Carrie Mintz, M.D.
4/27/2017 Aggression in Pediatric Autism Spectrum Disorder – Spotlight on Lithium Alba Pergjika, M.D.
6/1/2017 The Evaluation and Treatment of Comorbid Conditions in Childhood Aggression Alecia Vogel-Hammen, M.D.


Date Title Presenter
7/30/2015 Post-ECT Agitation Sister Mara Lester, M.D.
9/3/2015 MAOIs Ravikumar Chockalingam, M.B.B.S.
9/24/2015 MJ-Induced Psychosis Julio Bernardi, M.D.
10/22/2015 Prescription Drug Monitoring Martin Sievert, M.D.
11/19/2015 Antipsychotic Use During Pregnancy and the Risk of Malformations Emily Perry, M.D.
12/17/2015 When to Use Depot Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia Miriam Brown, M.D.
1/28/2016 Depression and Suicide in Schizophrenia Colleen Donovan, M.D.
2/18/2016 Neuropsychiatric Considerations for Patients with Hepatitis C Receiving Interferon Treatment Jessica Rosenkvist, M.D.
3/24/2016 Alexithymia: A Potential Suicide Risk Factor Eric Wittrock, D.O.
4/21/2016 Opioids, Pain and Depression Naazia Azhar, M.D.
6/9/2016 Emotional Impulsivity in ADHD Joshua Wilson, M.D.