General Resident Seminars

The Tuesday Resident Seminar series is designed to give residents the basic fund of knowledge needed for a psychiatrist practicing today. The seminars are grouped into six disease modules, integrating basic sciences with clinical sciences. Two modules are taught each year over a three-year cycle. The series is called Psychiatric Disorders - Benchside to Bedside and includes modules on schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, unipolar depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and dementia. In addition, courses in psychological models, psychological testing, and personality disorders round out the Tuesday Resident Seminar Series. Specific titles for the last three years are listed below.


Date Title Lecturer
Unipolar Depression
9/22/2015 Treatment 1: Rating Scales; Practice Patient Jose Mathews, MD
9/29/2015 Treatment 2: Potential Pharmacological Treatments Nuri Farber, MD
10/6/2015 Treatment 3: ECT Pilar Cristancho, MD
10/13/2015 Treatment 4: Review of Antidepressants Eugene Rubin, MD, PhD
10/20/2015 Treatment 6: Rx-Resistant MDD, Augmentation Strategies Michael Jarvis, MD, PhD
10/27/2015 Anatomy of MDD Charles Conway, MD
11/3/2015 NE & 5HT Systems Steven Mennerick, PhD
11/10/2015 Animal Models of MDD Steven Mennerick, PhD
11/17/2015 Treatment 5: Treatment Guidelines & STAR-D Jose Mathews, MD
11/24/2015 MDD in Children and Adolescents Anne Glowinski, MD
12/1/2015 MDD in the Elderly Eric Lenze MD
12/8/2015 Genetics: 5HTT Laura Bierut, MD
12/15/2015 Suicidality in Youths Anne Glowinski, MD
12/22/2015 Treatment 7: rTMS, DBS & VNS Charles Conway, MD
OCD/Panic/GAD/Social Phobia
1/5/2016 GABA System Steven Mennerick, PhD
1/12/2016 Phenomenology, Epidemiology and Genetics Elliot Nelson, MD
1/19/2016 Pharmacological Treatments Michael Jarvis, MD, PhD
1/26/2016 Imaging and Anatomy Chad Sylvester, MD, PhD
2/2/2016 Anxiety in Children and Adolescents Kelly Botteron, MD
2/9/2016 Non-Pharmacological Tx (Therapy, TMS, Surgery) Elliot Nelson, MD
2/16/2016 Anxiety Symptoms in PD Kevin Black, MD
2/23/2016 Anxiety in the Elderly Eric Lenze, MD
Personality Disorders
3/1/2016 Development of Personality and Its Disorders I Robert Cloninger, MD
3/8/2016 Development of Personality and Its Disorders II Robert Cloninger, MD
3/15/2016 Development of Personality and Its Disorders III Robert Cloninger, MD
Psychological Models
3/22/2016 No class
3/29/2016 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorder - part 1 Marcia McCabe, PhD
4/5/2016 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorder - part 2 Marcia McCabe, PhD
4/12/2016 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorder - part 3 Marcia McCabe, PhD
Psychological Testing
4/19/2016 Neuropsychological Testing Part I Robert Fucetola, PhD, ABPP
4/26/2016 Neuropsychological Testing Part II Robert Fucetola, PhD, ABPP
5/3/2016 Assessment of aphasia in the mental status examination Robert Fucetola, PhD, ABPP


Date Title Lecturer
9/23/2014 Rating Scales Ginger Nicol, MD
9/30/2014 Genetics Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD
10/7/2014 Clinical Phenomenology Akin Owoso, MD
10/14/2014 Traditional Antipsychotics and Clozapine Nuri Farber, MD
10/21/2014 Cognition Deanna Barch, PhD
10/28/2014 Drug-Induced Psychosis Nuri Farber, MD
11/4/2014 Anatomy Daniel Mamah, MD
11/11/2014 NO LECTURE
11/18/2014 Newer Antipsychotics Akin Owoso, MD
12/2/2014 Adverse Events Akin Owoso, MD
12/9/2014 Childhood Psychosis Angela Reiersen, MD
12/16/2014 NMDA Receptor Hypofunction Hypothesis Nuri Farber, MD
Bipolar Disorder
1/6/2015 Genetics John Rice, PhD
1/13/2015 Phenomenology Charles Conway, MD
1/20/2015 Lithium Brendan O'Connor, MD
1/27/2015 Treatment of Treatment Resistant BAD Michael Jarvis, MD, PhD
2/3/2015 Epidemiology Anne Glowinski, MD, MPE
2/10/2015 Childhood Onset Bipolar Disorder Joan Luby, MD
2/17/2015 Non-Lithium Treatments of BAD Charles Conway, MD
2/24/2015 Anticonvulsants Steve Mennerick, PhD
Personality Disorders
3/3/2015 Biology and Genetics of Personality and its Disorders I Robert Cloninger, MD
3/10/2015 Biology and Genetics of Personality and its Disorders II Robert Cloninger, MD
3/17/2015 Biology and Genetics of Personality and its Disorders III Robert Cloninger, MD
Psychological Models
3/24/2015 NO LECTURE
3/31/2015 CBT for Personality Disorder I Marcia McCabe, PhD
4/7/2015 CBT for Personality Disorder II Marcia McCabe, PhD
4/14/2015 CBT for Personality Disorder III Marcia McCabe, PhD
Psychological Testing
4/21/2015 Neuropsychological Testing I Robert Fucetola, PhD, ABPP
4/28/2015 Neuropsychological Testing II Robert Fucetola, PhD, ABPP
5/5/2015 Intellectual and Learning Disability Assessment Robert Fucetola, PhD, ABPP


Date Title Lecturer
9/17/2013 Pathophysiology and Current Treatment of AD Eugene Rubin, MD, PhD
9/24/2013 Non-AD Dementias (LB, frontotemporal, vasc), Dx and DDx Nupur Ghoshal, MD, PhD
10/8/2013 Muscarinic Cholinergic System Krista Moulder, PhD
10/15/2013 Glutamatergic System Steve Mennerick, PhD
10/22/2013 Parkinson's Disease Kevin Black, MD
10/29/2013 Genetics of AD Celeste Karch, PhD
11/5/2013 Imaging in Dementia Beau Ances, MD
11/12/2013 Investigational Treatments for AD Joy Snider, MD, PhD
11/19/2013 Huntington's Disease Marc Diamond, MD
11/26/2013 Psychosis and Agitation in AD and Its Treatment Eric Lenze, MD
12/3/2013 Healthy Aging, Early Impairment, Evaluation, Rating Scales John Morris, MD
12/17/2013 Intellectual Disability John Pruett, MD, PhD
Substance Use Disorders
1/7/2014 Dopamine Kevin Black, MD
1/14/2014 Nicotinic Cholinergic System Krista Moulder, PhD
1/21/2014 Endocannabinoid System Steve Mennerick, PhD
1/28/2014 Substance Abuse Genetics and Epidemiology Melissa Munn-Chernoff, PhD
2/4/2014 Opiate System Bruce Nock, PhD
2/11/2014 Alcoholism Genetics and Epidemiology Laura Bierut, MD
2/18/2014 Pharmacotherapy of Drug Addiction Dragan Svrakic, MD, PhD
2/25/2014 Psychotherapy of Drug Addiction Dragan Svrakic, MD, PhD
3/4/2014 Readings in Drug Addiction Dragan Svrakic, MD, PhD
3/11/2014 Readings in Drug Addiction Dragan Svrakic, MD, PhD
Personality Disorders
3/18/2014 Treatment of Personality Disorders I – Treatment Planning and the Working Alliance Robert Cloninger, MD; Nigel Lester, MD
3/25/2014 Treatment of Personality Disorders II – Emotion Self-regulation and Skill Training Robert Cloninger, MD; Nigel Lester, MD
4/1/2014 Treatment of Personality Disorders III- Maintaining Accountability Robert Cloninger, MD; Nigel Lester, MD
Psychological Models
4/8/2014 Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD, Part 1 Courtney Chappuis (Center for Trauma Recovery)
4/15/2014 Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD, Part 2 Courtney Chappuis (Center for Trauma Recovery)
4/22/2014 Meeting with Dr. Steven Levy Steven Levy, MD
Psychological Testing
4/29/2014 Neuropsychological Testing, Part I Rob Fucetola, PhD, ABPP
5/6/2014 Neuropsychological Testing, Part II Rob Fucetola, PhD, ABPP
5/13/2014 Assessment of Intellectual Disability and Learning Disability Rob Fucetola, PhD, ABPP