Advanced Resident Seminar

On Wednesday mornings, the third and fourth year residents attend seminars on advanced topics. These seminars are organized into "courses" that alternate every other year.


Date Title Lecturer
Business and Administrative Aspects of Psychiatry
9/13/2017 Introduction Melissa Harbit, MD
9/20/2017 Self-Study
9/27/2017 Administrative Pearls Michael Jarvis, MD, PhD
10/4/2017 Establishing a Private Practice at Clayton Behavioral Luis Giuffra, MD, PhD
10/11/2017 The Business of Psychiatry at Room 2202 MPC John Eiler, PhD
10/18/2017 Resident Topics Melissa Harbit, MD
10/25/2017 Administrative Psychiatry Jaime Hook, MD
11/1/2017 Contracting and Credentialing Cathy Eghigian and Donna Sand
11/8/2017 Billing, Collections and Compliance Cherie Nabholz and Sue Renner
11/15/2017 Establishing a Practice Michelle Rodgers and Rita Scott
11/22/2017 No class
11/29/2017 Resident Topics Melissa Harbit, MD
Translational Research and Reading the Scientific Literature
12/6/2017 NMDA & Psychosis Mahjabeen Ismail, MD & Sarah Donaldson, MD (Farber)
12/13/2017 Ketamine & Depression Gemma Espejo, MD & Erica Buchalter, MD (Farber)
12/20/2017 Holiday break
12/27/2017 Holiday break
1/3/2018 Brexanolone and PostPartum Depression Ben Srivastava, MD & Willa Xiong, MD (Farber)
1/10/2018 Drug-Induced Apoptosis Swati Chanani, MD & Maysaa Nageeb,MD (Farber)
1/17/2018 Autism Desiree Baumgartner, MD & Aaron Mofsen, DO (Constantino)
1/24/2018 SSRIs in the Elderly Hanadi Ajam Oughli, MD & Rita Haddad, MD (Lenze)
1/31/2018 Hypersociability Max Rosen, MD & Lauren Marks, MD (Constantino)
2/7/2018 Stats and Power Alex Rose, MD & Marie Bosch, MD (Hartz)
2/14/2018 NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Robert Bauer, MD & Wade Reiner, MD (Day)
History of Psychiatry
2/21/2018 Introduction Eugene Rubin, MD, PhD
2/28/2018 Shorter, Ch 1 & 2: The Birth of Psychiatry & The Asylum Era Gemma Espejo, MD, & Willa Xiong, MD
3/7/2018 Shorter, Ch 3 & 4: The First Biological Psychiatry & Nerves Erica Buchalter, MD, & Mahjabeen Ismail, MD
3/14/2018 Shorter, Ch 5 & 6: The Psychoanalytic Hiatus & Alternatives Sarah Donaldson Vargha, MD, & Maysaa Nageeb, MD
3/21/2018 Shorter, Ch 7 & 8: The Second Biological Psychiatry & From Freud to Prozac Swati Chanani, MD, & Ben Srivastava, MD
3/28/2018 Decker, Ch 2 & 3: Kraepelin & Kraepelin's Progeny Robert Bauer, MD, & Rita Haddad, MD
4/4/2018 Decker, Ch 4 & 5: Spitzer & DSM-III Task Force Hanadi Ajam Oughli, MD & Wade Reiner, MD
4/11/2018 no class
4/18/2018 Decker, Ch 6 & 7: History of Modern Classification ... & Revolution Begins, 1973-76 Marie Bosch, MD, PhD, & Lauren Marks, MD
4/25/2018 Decker, Ch 8 & 9: DSM-III in Midstream & Eruption of Discord Aaron Mofsen, DO, & Alex Rose, MD
5/2/2018 Decker, Ch 11 & Conclusion: Psychoanalytic Awakening to DSM-III & Conclusion Desiree Baumgartner, MD, & Max Rosen, MD


Date Title Lecturer
Law, Ethics and Psychiatry
9/21/2016 Confidentiality, Privilege, and Informed Consent Melissa Harbit, MD
9/28/2016 Impaired Health Professionals and the Law Mark Gold, MD
10/5/2016 Right to Treatment, Right to Refuse Treatment and Civil Commitment Melissa Harbit, MD
10/12/2016 Competency Melissa Harbit, MD
10/19/2016 Insanity Melissa Harbit, MD
10/26/2016 Malpractice and Testifying Michael Jarvis, MD, PhD
11/2/2016 Workers' Compensation, ADA, etc. Melissa Harbit, MD
11/9/2016 Risk Assessment and SVPs Melissa Harbit, MD
11/16/2016 Ethics and Professionalism Melissa Harbit, MD
11/23/2016 NO CLASS-Thanksgiving
Translational Research and Reading the Scientific Literature
11/30/2016 Introduction Nuri B. Farber, MD
12/7/2016 STAR-D Naji Chaaya Salloum, MD & Agnieszka Milczarek, MD
12/14/2016 Lanicemine in MDD Carrie Mintz, MD & Shan Siddiqi, MBBS
12/21/2016 No Seminar
12/28/2016 No Seminar
1/4/2017 Buprenorphine in MDD Nicholas Trapp, MD & Ludwig Trillo-Alvarez, MD
1/11/2017 Infliximab in MDD Swati Channani, MD & Chris Charlot, MD
1/18/2017 D-Cycloserine and Fear Erica Vance, MD & Mahjabeen Ismail, MD
1/25/2017 Schizophrenia Genes A. Benjamin Srivastava, MD & Willa Xiong, MD
2/1/2017 Scopolamine in MDD Gemma Espejo, MD & Maysaa Nageeb, MD
2/8/2017 CATIE Sarah Donaldson, MD & Michael Wenzinger, MD
Cross-Cultural Psychiatry
2/15/2017 Clinical Review Paper Planning Li-Shiun Chen, MD & Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD
2/22/2017 Is the Literature Relevant? Li-Shiun Chen, MD & Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD
3/1/2017 What Does the Literature Mean? Li-Shiun Chen, MD & Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD
3/8/2017 Synthesis of the Literature Li-Shiun Chen, MD & Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD
3/15/2017 Manuscript Writing and Revision Li-Shiun Chen, MD & Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD
3/22/2017 Manuscript Finalizing and Submission Li-Shiun Chen, MD & Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD
Neuroimaging/Functional Anatomy of Emotion
3/29/2017 Introduction to Neuroimaging Shan Siddiqi, MBBS & Kevin Black, MD
4/5/2017 Brain-Mind Networks for Dummies (or Psychiatrists) Shan Siddiqi, MBBS
4/12/2017 Typical Healthy Brain Development (prepubertal, peripubertal, and post pubertal) and its relationship to temperament Kelly Botteron, MD
4/19/2017 Neuroimaging in Obesity Sarah Eisenstein, PhD
4/26/2017 Connectomics and Psychopathology Deanna Barch, PhD
5/3/2017 PET and Pharmacological fMRI Kevin Black, MD
5/10/2017 fcMRI and Autism John Pruett, MD, PhD